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After the quick dissipation of summer and fall up here on the mountain, I soon start to realize I am beginning to forget what real color looks like. I will admit that I continue to be surrounded by an endless ocean of pine, fir, and cedars. but the color that they cary on them during the long months of November, December, January, January, January, oh and did I mention January…………… is definitely not GREEN my friend. I know that they are known as the evergreen, but when you are sitting here alone atop this desolate mountain mid February, stuck in what feels like an endless January, green is something you begin to fear you may never see again. In all fairness my mind is often left to question its sanity when I have vague recollections of missing this snow covered mountain top during the short temperature spikes of late July and early August. But I chalk that insanity up to the human condition. Read More

our hug
Corey and I.
wood pecker
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goat fence
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blue sky chicken
Coop-topia...... the real soft spot hiding inside me.Read More