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Feel free to wonder around.

Come on in and make your self at home. This is my wonderland and I am so excited to share it with you.

This is an article about me and my husband

Who wants to know what life can be like outside of the city?

Who wants to know what life can be like outside of the city? I live a remote, off grid, and progressively off the land. I would like to offer the world a glimpse into my realm. It is a realm that offers simplicity, hidden inside many obstacles and challenges. These range from milking goats morn, and night to fixing the broken radiator on my tractor. I can honestly say that it is a life worth living and loving. I learn new skills daily and struggle to hold it together constantly. I would like to offer my little bit of advice to those who wish to try a new idea out now and then, or simply want to watch me struggle to achieve them myself (it’s quite entertaining at times).

hurrican ridge
High on the Mountain

On Top of the World.

The summer before last I had the chance to take a quick excursion with my family to Hurricane Ridge. It is located in the Puget Sound of Washington State. I live about 7 hours away. We did a little loop through Seattle and a couple islands before heading back to our own little mountain top. It was so beautiful! Not only are the views endless, the little deer walk right up to you and say hello with their wet noses. The hike itself was not that taxing. The pathway is short, and mostly paved. The mountain top is slightly rolling lending to the anticipation of reaching a new summit. Once such was obtained it would open up a whole new expanse to gaze across. I was blessed with this whisper of a frolic. There is something about being on the top shelf that makes a person feel like they are in a whole new world. Looking at this picture reminds me of just how lucky I am to have such an amazing family to share these experiences with.

home full of music
A Home Full of Music
Sam Fest