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Welcome to my barn

blue goat Horse eye

Feel free to snoop around.

Come on in and make your self at home. This my wonderland and I am so excited to share it with you.

goat on milk stand
Not just raw milk

It's hard to beat farm fresh milk.

It's hard to beat farm fresh milk, unless you happen to be drinking farm fresh cow’s milk. In that case it’s easy. I got farm fresh goat’s milk. Whaaaaat??? Yes I get that reaction a lot. When I tell people that I drink goat’s milk I tend to receive an “oh please no” expression as if a reflex point, as potent as the funny bone, had mysteriously been activated. This reaction is shortly followed by a skeptic “really?”, or an appalled “I tried that once.”, and every now and then the enthusiastic “but the smell!” I meet all of these clockwork responses with a satisfied smile.

I am confident in my opinion, and truly enjoy explaining my reasoning. I find that when you provoke this initial rise in people, usually they become eager to get the logic backing it up. So yah, I drink goat’s milk. I drink raw and unadulterated, zero antibiotics used… organic feed… hugged and kissed morn and night…, goat produced milk. Why do I choose to drink raw goat’s milk you may wonder? Well let me just tell you. This could take a while so let me give you the cookie cutter explanation first. That way if I lose you I will have provided the main point first and foremost. Raw milk is healthier for you than pasteurized milk, and goat milk is healthier for you than cow milk. Not only is goat milk easier for humans to digest, but it often times it does not cause the allergic reactions that cow milk can.

The simple pleasures of riding.
Horse Back
The simple pleasures of riding.
baby time
The Joy of Spring
Goat fence
Containing My Joy
Blue Sky Chicken