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Welcome to my Garden

Garden Spicket Garden Tulip

Feel free to dig up some dirt.

Come on in and make your self at home. This is my wonderland and I am so excited to share it with you.

Live from inside the hive!!!

Of all the hobbies

Of all the hobbies that I may possess, there are a great many I might add, which would I consider the most rewarding? Well I guess that depends on what type of reward you are referring to. But that doesn’t matter either. I would still have the same answer. I would say simply, with a satisfied smile, bee keeping. I love bee keeping. It satisfies a piece of me I did not even know existed. I never knew I was lacking. Which is probably the best way to be lacking right?

I keep two hives nestled in my garden to help me pollinate all of my glorious plants during the growing season. In the years that I have been doing bees I have notices a sharp increase in the amount of food I am able to bring in. I do not have the ideal soil so every bit helps. Because of an injury I was unable to do it this last summer, and I had the worst year yet in my garden. That could be due to the injury itself and my lack of strength. But I will just take it as a reassuring sign that bees are vital. What a joy it is to watch them work together to build their world. An even better joy is harvesting the honey at the end of a flow. I am fairly certain that I get more satisfaction out of seeing a row of honey jars on my shelves than, well my younger daughters 4.0 report card. That says a lot right?