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Welcome to my life living off grid

view barn

Feel free to wonder around.

It is not always the easiest way to approach life, but it is by far the most secure.... In my opinion.

hill climb
This is an article about me and my husband

Who wants to know what life can be like outside of the city?

Looking out my window is never disappointing. The windows hang on my wall like a gorgeous piece of art begging for attention. From fog to sunshine, rain to snow, I am always filled with awe. I have lived in the city before. It was an ok experience. I’m not going to lie, sometimes I dream about selling it all and buying a small condo downtown. Those days are usually results of me being inadequately prepared for the things that come my way. It’s never fun to hike a mile up hill in the snow because you have not gotten your studded tires on yet, well the bags of groceries will not walk themselves up my hill. But once I realized that it will snow every year here in the North West I found I become more prepared for things such as this. Yes I have lived here my whole life. I have no excuse.

Over all I think I will take my view, small hikes and all.

wood pecker
Once in a while I meet a new friend.