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Welcome to My Portfolio

Green Sky Better Half

What a joy it is to create

Not often do I find time to add to my portfolio, but when I do, I treasure the moment. It is when I am most happy. Enjoy!

Ashley's Baby
A gift to a dear friend.

One day I will get to do a lot more painting

I have been an artist for as long as I remember. I have always had the desire to create. When I was in my mid teens I remember my dad asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up and I told him “I want to be an artist.” I will always be heartbroken at his immediate response of “That is not a job Samantha.” I know that he meant well, and that he was not trying to shatter my dreams, but he did.

I am a go getter by nature, and had every intention of perusing my talents. But the satisfaction that I could have obtained by developing my talents could never quench the thirst of approval that I desired from my father. I continued painting, sculpting, drawing, and well you name it. I actually have sold my art quite regularly at times, and have taught it in varying capacities throughout my life. If I had another go would I push my life more in that direction? Well no, like I said I really just wanted to make my daddy proud of me. I love art, but I love a lot of things and life without it would be filled with another blessing. I do love, most especially, giving my art away as gifts. I really love sharing my talent that way, and when I find the required amount of time, you will find me doing just that.

A gift for his mother.
Lisa 2
A gift for her mother