A Painting of “Palouse”


Palouse, Original oil Painting By Samantha YeVohn Brown 11×14

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A Painting of “Palouse”, Original oil Painting 11×14. Represents a mental escape made every March by Samantha YeVohn Brown. It encapsulates her interpretation of the wealth she finds as she sits and overlooks the incomprehensible movement this waterfall creates. She tries to let its strength carry her through the last legs of every winter in the unpredictable weather of the eastern Washington mountains. It has an early spring muted pallet, strong textures, with an undefined overreaching structure… Just the way she wanted it. It is a new simple approach She is incorporating to a select number of pieces. She hopes to gain a deeper appreciation of concept free from self criticism and over complication. She is an overthinker by nature, and it tends to hold her still. This is an attempt to free herself from perfection and regain a glimpse of a more forgiving self she lost at a young age. The complete series this belongs to will be finished by the end of Summer 2023. If you enjoy her work and want to understand her process feel free to follow her or stalk her thoroughly through the following links Facebook Instagram … Or subscribe to her free online newsletter through her contacts page or WordPress Blog. Feel free to send her a message letting her know what you think of her Oil of “Palouse” .

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