work boys become men

Do you enjoy your job?


Doing my job has been my life’s privilege. Did I enjoy it? Well, does if feel good to be ripped apart from the inside, No… Does it feel good to have dreams shattered.. or having to start over, NO!… Would I do it again? Yes.

Can I assume that enjoyment is not the only emotion of value. Can I go a step further and simply point out that it might be one of the lowest on the list. Although it may be the pinnacle of our aspirations, our true actual purpose, it is not what defines the vast embodiment of what encapsulates us as whole human beings.

A man is not born of a life of pleasure, he is brought forth through struggles, and tried ambitions. I may enjoy being healthy, but being healthy comes through constant selective eating, appetite suppression, and consistent bouts of physical work. You build muscle by ripping it apart and letting it repair itself. The process offers very little true enjoyment.

Life’s cruelest trick is to tell a person that they are capable of being whatever they want to be, you have but to wish upon a star. All dreams are dreamt before they are pursued, and that is what we should be taught. The whole call to action part must be included. The job is the journey that brings us to the vantagepoint in which we can delight. Who we are, and how we surmise the world when we finish the job, is the gift life gives us in return. Children become adults through crucial growth, adults continue to progress through life with crucial growth. We reap what we sow, but yes we are allowed to delight in the harvest. That is where enjoyment belong.

Hard work Boys become men

Every real piece I write brings me to tears. Every piece of real art I put into this world costs me self criticism, lost hope, forgotten inspiration, and relentless patients.. irreplaceable time. Tallent may be free, but skills are earned. Should I stop and find something easier, so I can enjoy my life… lower my sights a little? Would you have me waste my talent because I didn’t enjoy acquiring skills to offer it up. Life’s greatest gifts come from life’s greatest trials. Enjoying life is accepting that.


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