Having a piece of commission work created is no little endeavor. I consider it a privilege to offer up my talents for the preservation of intentions. This is why I usually work with important moments in people’s lives. Capturing character, and lingering emotions with the mediums I use brings me so much joy. I do however do a lot of abstract and landscape as well. learning and experimenting are my favorite platforms.There are varying prices for all of the different mediums that I work with. This is due to time required producing each project, as well as the cost of material required to complete piece.

If you are considering a project please feel free to look through my information and contact me with the provided link. I will be in touch with you.

This is a side note ramblings strictly for content… As an artist you face a lot of criticism. I say this because it was the one thing I never expected. Most of you who follow me know how much of a perfectionist I have been in the past. I am trying to be nicer to myself. After achieving my higher education, I was my own worst critic. I had paid a lot of money to learn how to dissect my own work, to the point of despising a lot of my own effort.

Often times in life we are to hard on ourselves and to hard on each other. We hold ideal standards over our heads instead of practicalities. I just want to make art because I love to make it, while offering my best… my tallent and know that it was appreciated. I hope you can find that in what I offer you with my commission work.