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Welcome to my one hundred and thirty acre.. off-grid.. built from scratch.. mountainous homestead. For me it’s all about learning, laughing, and loving. Let’s inspire each other.

I am a wife, mother of 4, teacher of many, and student of all things.  I am hardly consistent with my interests and really enjoy learning new talents.  I have been homesteading and  living off grid for the better part of 20 years.

I am an artist by birth, and designer by education. I dedicate a large amount of my time designing webpages and web content. I am a lover of many mediums of art and consider my self skilled in many. It is my greatest gift, and I am trying to develop the habit of sharing them. I truly could not list all of my interests if I tried, so I will not. I am learning slowly to focus on one thing at a time.

Writing is a very old passion of mine, probably one of the first talents I discovered as a child.  I love sharing my thoughts (as introverted as I am) and writing allows me the proper meditation time to get to the point I am trying to make… and why not be entertaining at the same time right? Truthfully, the world needs as much good stuff as anyone is willing to offer up, so I try not to hold back anymore. Feel free to read and read some more.


  • Long Live The Farmers Tan

    Over the years it has been a love of mine to watch the local farmers work their fields. I take notice as one piece of rickety equipment makes its way from one homestead to the next. Usually adorned by an awkwardly tanned man

  • Diamonds and Gold

    I wore it for twenty-one years. It could have been a dime store trifle and it would have possessed the same value to me.

  • We Are Not So Different.

    I have kept bees for a number of years you see, and have a “maybe not so normal” love for watching them.

  • I Meant To Do That

    Losing yourself may feel great, a bit hipnotic, uphoric, rewarding, but it is a haze… or a mask i might say. In point, you are literally losing the point of living when you do not live intentionally. We got one shot, you and I, I would hate for us to miss the mark.

  • Never Stop Trying

    Never Stop Trying… Happy 100th birthday to myself…. I know it was hard. It started hard, why it would not finish hard I can’t imagine. Who knows, we may have another score in us yet, so chin up.

  • My Life Song Free From The Metronome

    How real is this my friend? Not just now as I lay hear in bed loving my husband, but as I walk through my whole life.   Metronomes offer no peace.


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